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TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJl0dbnsVK0

So first off, Sorry for slow responses, Life came around and when your my age you gotta deal with shit.

But anyway another thing I want to say

I've been working on something for quite awhile now but it was pretty hush hush, Now Originally it was gonna be something Phrozenflame RPG Related, however I had to change concepts down since friends were against the idea, so it's gonna be my own thing, Looking back, there was so many things I wish I would've have known and learned to place within Phrozenflame sooner (No not PF2, I had no creative involvement on that one and I don't know where the source for that SWF file will be =/ Sorry guys)

Once I do some minior details that need to fix I'll provide more details, but I will show you hints what it is

- it is a Turned based RPG
- There actually is a level system

-Won't be Flash related
- a Certain white haired hero won't be making appearence plot wise (...Cameo maybe)
-Plot is simple and dumb
- There WILL be updates even after release
-it will be more Dragon quest inspired than Final Fantasy (so no Fancy cutscenes or special effects by the overtop FMV)
- No hallways (Screw those Hallways in FFXIII)
-Dungeons will be based on levels (meaning climb the tower)

-Tons of items (Mainly food)

-There is a Overworld but it won't have much for it as there's only afew locations (will change as updates come)
-Two playable characters (for now)

-Colours will be 8bit (No NOT that NES 8bit, and not Atari Either, a different 8bit, it will be related to the plot =p)

-And Finally, Not for the weak willed (Plan your play right and you will be just fine, don't half ass play it)

Feel free to DM if you want details (but know this for certain, it's not Phrozenflame)


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