A Return

2017-03-31 20:41:51 by Blackan

After Years of being away, I decided to return here, for the sake of posting art, it's way nicer and quieter and more open here right now

So what does this mean? Will I get back to animation

it really depends if I draw alot more to improve myself abit

NG Sydney Meet up 2009

2009-04-21 10:44:07 by Blackan

I would like to Thank Luis for coming to Sydney, First one to welcome you and Rubberninja Home of the Harbour Bridge (and to give you call about it too) So what happened?

Well we're waiting for the others, it took awhile, and had a Drink while the waiting, later on we went walking to the Opera house and took a sit, Luis took a view and a Photo of a Castle Crashers Barbarian oh the Bridge (Luis might show it sometime) while waiting at first we thought we got the location mixed up, turns out where the arrow on the map was pointing ( on the site) was pointing at a sign near a corner

Later we finally found Liamtaylor and the Guy with the Purple shirt (I'm no good with names) after walking past the port..the 2nd time I think, and we finally decided to go to Luna Park

which we had a call that redspades & pauralotter14 were waiting for us there, so we took a boat cruise to luna park and met them there, later on we didn't think we would go for the Rides so decided to go walk the Harbour Bridge, (Warning to those who will do this...try not to Die from it's long walk)

after awhile of walking and talking we reached Darling harbour we had our selves a nice lunch and talked about what everyone's been doing for the time being before the meet up, Redspades isn't the lucky one as he's allergic to beer (ouch) I don't drink the Stuff myself (I just don't, no reasons)

after that (Thanks for the Meal Luis and Tom :D ) We took a walk around to the Pattys Market area and went to the Arcade (but not before walking past some Asian Break dancers ) I played Time Crisis II with the Bearded guy with the Purple shirt, Ross and Liam played Street Fighter IV (and from the looks of Ross's Post, pulling the Joystick off while playing) I was gonna play Basketball with Ross and Luis and Liam, but the Coin slot for the 4th player was Broken ):

after that Redspades & pauralotter14 left their ways, and Ross & Luis seemed need to get back to their room to get ready for Melbourne, I told him that a Train station isn't far from where we were and they were gonna grab a Taxi there, and we got ready to depart ways but not before I hugged Luis :D

and there you go, that's the day for ya, like Ross said he didn't bring his camera, Luis and I did took some photos of the day, so don't think it's completely blinded of

PS and yes Ross we should do this again sometime, Australia REALLY Lack attention on these kind of areas and Luis, give me a Note if you want the other photos

NG Sydney Meet up 2009

Newgrounds Meet up

2009-04-08 07:43:25 by Blackan

I just heard the news and might pop up to stop by, this kind of thing rarely happens in the Aussie Community so I'll stop by, I have lost touch on my Animating side for awhile, it just means it's sleep, What's making focus on something though is Machimina and I dunno why, so I might end up making something Flash again, or may not for awhile, I guess only time will tell, but what time is saying is that meet up, I'll end up being there at 17th

Menai Chronicles and Machinima

2008-09-29 14:08:59 by Blackan

My Next Flash Project will be a Flash RPG, using Examples and Refrence on Phrozenflame RPG and the FLA on PF2 as well, I'm hoping to make this as long as possible, Now I'm taking this slowly and I am still Concept phase, it'll contain a Level up system, the Story will be based on my series BW, a origin you could call it, at this point, I would like experiment once I try to learn the codes such as leveling up, Speaking of RPG's Phrozenflame 2 is already out http://www.phrozenflame.com/game/294 Which will be Newgrounds soon (and might be posted on my end depending on What LenZ is doing) I would like to say I wasn't Directly involved in this, the only thing I had in this was my Battle system, The title of Menai Chronicles is at the bottom and what do you think about it?

Also on a Side note, I also do abit of Machinima for abit of fun around


http://au.youtube.com/watch?v =Gxse7MO8XOM

Yes I like Brawl thank you very much =p it's a awesome Game nuff said, Anyway that's all I say at this point, good byes

...are you still here?

Menai Chronicles and Machinima

Phrozenflame RPG out!

2008-01-20 01:40:37 by Blackan

a 2 Year Project finally Finished, Click the link and Have fun

And so..

2007-07-18 09:27:50 by Blackan

..This is the New Newgrounds Design, Slick, Styleish, and full of Designs, Just Awesome, you can tell Tom wasn't being lazy with this one, and the rest of the group, anywho Missed my flashes? don't worry I'm not retired, I got a life of my own afterall

Phrozenflame RPG Final Battle should be finished, then it will be released

other Projects A Music video based on my dad's music

Updates later..